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Cold & Blac is London's first Coffee Liqueur, Hand-Made by independent craftspersons. Naturally sweetened with the finest virgin coconut nectar, organic vanilla and tart wild berries...



Cold & Blac is about access to uniquely phenomenal ingredients from which it is made, using only natural processes and materials and avoiding what has made so many mass-market products ubiquitous... Until now. This includes artificial chemicals, additives, highly processed sugars & animal fats.

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Cold & Blac is an entirely independent manufacturer of coffee products where all the processes, technology and materials are designed, produced and created in house. Cold & Blac is currently applying for patents  on several ground breaking coffee innovations. Transforming local manufacturing...

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As a 100% independent and grassroots business Cold & Blac is about highlighting the value of doing things with imagination, innovation and genuine creativity. For Cold & Blac to exist in a monopoly sector as an entirely grassroots offering means, that it exists as the only real choice and a true market alternative.


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our story:


Inhale the rich, chocolaty aroma as you lift your glass, and taste the bitter-sweet essence of berries and spice on your lips, as prominent notes of coffee and natural caramels warm your mouth, buzzing with subtle zest and lingering depth. Everything shifts into focus, and you can feel the zing of caffeine coursing through your body, making your heart pound faster. This could be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had… But it’s not light out, nor are you on your way to work. You’re drinking a cocktail made with COLD&BLAC.

"luxurious, silky... almost creamy coffee hit with a balanced, crisp and unexpectedly dry finish... Truly Lovely."  MHG.



Before London was awash with saffron-infused martinis and agave margaritas,  mixologist and photographer, Tem Mellese, was concocting some of the most innovative and exciting drinks in one of London’s first pop-up style cocktail bars in Broadway Market.

It was here, that Mellese and his team began to dream about merging the excitement of cocktails with the burgeoning London coffee buzz to create a coffee liqueur that was just as satisfying as drinking the finest, freshest cup from a small batch roaster. And how better to do it than with cold extracted coffee...


Cold & Blac is inspired by the centuries old coffee process and ceremonies of Ethiopia. This coffee experience is the most holistic coffee process to date as it revolves around using only natural (Egyptian Era) conical clay brewing pots and stone grinders that retain the earthiness of the local coffee, rich in notes of sharp fruit, berries and citrus. The brewing equipment pointing at a production (his)story all of their own.

Within the Ethiopian coffee ceremony process, coffee is sourced in its green form, a cupful at a time and then washed, roasted, ground and brewed over a small coal fire in situ. This coffee ritual, unlike the European coffee habits, is not reserved for the break of dawn but a mid afternoon convention between friends, guests and neighbours. A short marathon of conversation, roasting, grinding, brewing, and drinking 3 different infusions in insistent homage to the holy trinity.

Cold & Blac captures this essential appreciation of coffee and uses only natural processes of production.



Four Steps to Excellence:

Cold-processed coffee undergoes a slow process of distilling cold liquids through coffee grounds to create a more condensed drop. Not only does this process produce less waste, it is perfect for cocktails as it remains smooth and naturally sweet without activating the full on bitterness and dominant acidity of an espresso, creating a subtler and more nuanced cup, bursting with flavour and tonality. 



Each of our brew tanks are designed for a specific part in the brewing process, incorporating hybrid materials, moving parts, inspection windows and pressure release mechanisms.

We use four separate cold brew processes over a 21 day brew cycle to create our signature coffee liqueur.

·         Bespoke Drip Cold Brew              

·         Cold Infusion Brewing/Step Ageing

·         Cold Process Oils Extraction

·         Integrating Botanicals 

·         Filtration & Bottling (Outsourced Contractor).

 Made in our Dalston Brew Room, utilising traditional methods as well as bespoke / novel processes of cold extraction.  

Our mission is to to herald and reproduce the knock on effect when coffee itself swept through the world a few centuries ago... much like a crack of dawn wildfire.

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We use the finest available certified Fair-Trade, Organic and GMO free ingredients, ensuring everything we do is produced with love, tenderness and passion from root to fruit.  We do not use processed cane sugar, artificial additives or thickeners. This is as close to a raw product as you can get in a coffee liqueur, producing an individual and breathtaking flavour profile to be savoured at leisure.